Product Introduction

Economical home control mainframe, sophisticated rail installation easy to place in the ordinary home standard distribution box, rich self-contained control interface and module expansion so that it can carry the flat or duplex apartment full-house intelligent control.

G-C2-DG series smart host
Product Parameters
Network interface: Host network port LAN, support 10/100MBPS,IEEE802.1,TCP/IP, UDP communication. Enet main function is as the mobile control Terminal access channel, but also used to control the third party support TCP/IP, UDP protocol controlled devices
Crodigy bus interface cp-bus:24v, A, B, G
RS232/RS485 interface: Host a total of 3 serial ports , supported baud rates of 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400, 115200, used to control third-party serial port devices.
IR Interface: 4 infrared, used to control infrared equipment, infrared support transmission frequency of 38KHZ
Input interface: 2 analog input signal acquisition points, 4 digital input signal acquisition points, digital input only support dry contact signal, analog input, support 0~10VDC signal.
Debug: Programmer debug Serial 1-Way TX, RX, G, used to read chip information
Host size: High 95MM, Width 160MM, depth 60MM
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