Do you have such problems in your life?
CAN NOT find the switch when you back home to turn on the light in the dark
DO NOT want to get up to turn off the light when you are sleepy
DO NOT want to turn on the light in the dark when you get off at midnight
DO NOT want to get up to pull the curtain when you are in the couch
DO NOT want to get off the bed to open the air conditioner in the cold winter
The elderly have difficulty in standing up due to aging

No need to get up No need to reach out

Starting Smart scenario in the house just with ONE ORDER

—— The first innovative product combining voice with switch panel in the industry ——
“Little Smart, close the curtain”
“Little Smart,higher”
“Little Smart,turn on the light”
“Little Smart,turn on the TV”

Voice Mapping Function exclusively developed by CRODIGY

support user-defined settings of smart scenarios, achieve flexible voice control

Comparison with general smart panels

With all functions of general smart panels, PLUS voice recognition function, making the control more convenient

Voice Control
Key Control
Support the singe equipment control such as light,
curtain and air conditioner
Support integrated control of
multiple equipment
Support user-defined
key function

Smart Voice Panel is the best choice

for you to achieve voice control in any room of your home

Small Volume

It can be set quietly and lightly on the walls of each room, taking up only a little space

Anti-network Outage

Local voice processing, can be used normally under network outage

More Private

Do not store any of your voice, make the use more private

More Stable

The specified voice instruction brings a stable experience of precise control

CRODIGY Smart Panel Upgrade

Can be replaced with CRODIGY key panel PLD series, Elegant series

[ Appearance ]
4 key 5 key 6 key 8 key 9 key 12 key
[ Voice Command ]
Support mandarin recognition, stay tuned for dialect version Support personalized payment customization at the same time
[ Product Specifications ]

Product name: Smart Voice Panel

Product model: Black PLD-SKPX-V-B/White PLD - SKPX - V - W

Control model: voice control | key control

Language type: mandarin

Instruction type: control statement specified

Dimensions: 90mm×86mm×42mm

Number of keys: 4 key, 5 key, 6 key, 8 key, 9 key, 12 key

Optional bottom box: 86 bottom box installation

Working voltage: 24VDC

Power dissipation: 2W

Interface description: CP_BUS line 24V, A, B, G

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