table lamp opened

Compatible Lamps

Incandescent Lamp
Energy Saving Lamp
LED Lamp
Down Lamp
Fuorescent Lamp
Ceiling Lamp
Candle Lamp

Use your voice to control the whole house’ lamps

Use normal lamps, you can control all lights in your home through your voice

“Hello Xiao Cong, please turn on the table lamp.”
Note: One voice panel can control three circuits. If you want to control the whole house lamps,
you may use several voice panels.
Note: Say “hello Xiao Cong” or “Cong Pu Zhi Neng” to the voice panel, the voice control function will be triggered

Control curtain by voice to free your hands and feet

Use Congpu curtain motor & track, make your normal curtain be a smart voice electric curtain

“Hello Xiao Cong, close the gauze”
“Hello Xiao Cong, open the drape”
Note: one voice panel can control 1-2 curtain

Fast Response

It has super natural voice recognition ability and supports synonymy voice matching.

The local off-line voice recognition algorithm is adopted, and the voice signal processing does not need to be
connected to the cloud network,and the shortest response is only 0.2s.

“Hello Xiao Cong,turn off the light”
“Hello Xiao Cong,turn off the light”
“Hello ,Xiao Cong, good night”
“The light is turned off”
The control distance: suggest control it within a radius of 6m,if there is no obstacles,it can support the maximum 10m.

Directly replace the traditional L&N Switch,
no need to change the wire

Light smart is coming, make your life easier than you can image

Smart host and module no needed
No need to change the original circuit
No need to change the lamp

Free Changing is the Real Smart

After download APP, your telephone/tablet will be another smart control product.
Meanwhile, you can change the functions of the panel through the APP.

APP control the lamp turn on/off
APP control the curtain open/close
APP can customize panel’ s name,
more efficient
APP configures voice timing function,
e.g. open in daytime, close at night
APP configures light scene delay
e.g. open during 5s, close within 10s
HUYIN series supports changing the
color of background light through APP

No need to connect the Internet, Protect Your Privacy

Using the local offline voice technology will not be affected by the home network conditions, bring a highly stable experience.Meanwhile, because of no internet needed, it will not record any voice and can well protect your privacy.

Offline voice
Protect privacy
no internet needed
highly Stable

highly Stable

Simple installation-only few steps to finish the configuration

86 switch bottom box, L&N wiring. Simple installation, directly replace the original switch

Play Installation Video
How to Install

1.Make sure the main power switch is closed before installation

2.Use a little bite more power to separate the front and back of the voice panel

3.After stripping the wires, insert the live wire into hole L, the zero wire into hole N, and insert the load (light) wire into hole L1, L2 and L3.Push out the inserted wire and make sure it is firmly inserted.

4.Fix the switch panel to the bottom box of the wall 86 switch with the accessory screw. Keep the screw head flat when fixing. Then buckle the front panel in the right direction.

5.Open the main power switch and press the left switch panel to control the light turn on/ off, indicating that the switch is working normally.

Curtain configuration instruction

1、1.After the curtain motor and panel are installed and powered on, press the curtain motor setting button 3s. after the curtain motor indicator lights up then press the curtain button 3s; the panel and the motor starts to pair, and the curtain motor indicator is off when the pairing is successful.

2、Confirm whether the motor is under normal control by pressing the button after pairing.

Due to the different wiring conditions of each family, please judge the applicable switch type according to the actual situation in your home. This product is the zero-fire wire version, please carefully confirm whether there is zero wire before purchasing. This product involves strong electricity, so the installation should be carried out by professionals in accordance with electrical specifications and product specifications.
How do you know whether there is zero line?
According to the electrical code, the zero line is usually blue or black; however, some families’ wiring may not be operated according to this specification, and cannot be judged according to the color. We suggest you consult with a professional electrician.
Fast installation
Open the APP, click "+" in the upper right corner, and enter the interface of panel network distribution. After entering the WiFi password , long press the "lower left" button of the switch panel for 5s and release it. At this time, the background light of the panel will light up and extinguish .At this moment, click the allocation button in the APP to start network allocation, keep the APP and panel within the effective communication distance, waiting for the network allocation that is successful. In the APP, click the settings corresponding to the device to set the panel background light color, background light effect, voice trigger, voice function and voice reply function.
APP Downlad
Search “APanel” in the Application Store, Download and Install APP

Product Appearance

Cube Series
☆APanel Voice Panel Cube
High quality anodic oxidation sandblasting technology, no fingerprint residue and scratch
Super design icon, using laser carving technology
Comfortable fingertip touch
More than 100,000 press tests, outstanding durability
☆APanel Five Hole –Socket
Embedded with new PC material, high temperature flame retardant
HUYIN Series
☆APanel Voice Panel Curve
2.5d arc glass, with carefully adjusted anodized brushed metal keys, makes every touch enjoyable
☆APanel Five Hole –Socket
Embedded with new PC material, high temperature flame retardant

Voice Order

Support mandarin recognition, dialect edition please look forward to
Meanwhile personalized payment customization supporting

Product Specification

Product Name:
APanel Voice Panel
Curve 86mm×86mm×43mm
Cube 86mm×86mm×43mm
Product model:
Curve APanel-LN03-A
Cube APanel-LN03-B
Optional bottom box:
86 bottom box
Control mode:
voice control | button control | APP control 
Wireless connection:
Language type:
Input voltage:
Instruction type:
voice instruction optional, support synonymous speech matching
Input load range
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